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We want to be able to show potential new entrants into our industry that Construction workers are also key workers, as many businesses have still been operating through these tough times.


Also to show that we are much stronger if we all work together collaboratively.  Something that we have been working on over the years to develop relationships between individuals, employers and providers. 

Our friends at Mindmap productions are very kindly helping us to support this campaign.


But we need your help and stories to share on social media to show how we are making a very important contribution to the revival of the local economy.


We will have a dedicated web-page to begin with, then a website where we will upload any videos that are sent to us, but will make sure we are giving out the right messages. The videos will then all be shared over the social media channels.


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So can you help us? 

We are asking the following…..


Individuals – Show the many different jobs in construction, so what is your role? how have you been working during lockdown?  Have you continued to provide the same level of great service from home?  How has it been different? Why do you love working in construction?

Employers – How have you overcome adversity and has this made you stronger as a business.  What is the impact of COVID-19?  How you have supported the economy whilst keeping staff safe?  What have you changed and are doing differently?  A chance to get your company name and brand known!

Providers – How have you supported your learners through COVID-19?  Also what provision you offer and how individuals can sign up if they are interested in a full-time course, Traineeship or Apprenticeship – make sure that we link them to logonmoveon, lincs2 and lincs4u.  Videos of your training centre, Apprentices what they love about your provision etc.

Hints and Tips - videos to be filmed landscape (using your mobile) make sure the lighting is right, hold it steady or get someone to film you, speak clearly, no more than 1.5 mins, please do not swear!! 

We want these to be quick positive “talking heads” about what is great about our industry how we overcome adversity .

Send the video using Wetransfer to

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