Compere,voice over and actor

Michael  is not just a singer and compere, he is also an accomplished actor and voice over artist.

His varied career includes theatre, radio and film.

His rich high baritone voice can be heard not only in recordings but also on radio station jingles across the UK and indeed the world. On this site you will find examples of all Michael's work.

Michael hosted the OPSA fund raising even for mindmap productions.


Mindmap Productions is a collaboration of creative professionals who specialise in different disciplines of film production,branding and marketing communications.

From this resource each team is built specifically to fulfill individual contracts.


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making the best creative, commercial films,

with full professional TV broadcasting studio

Broadcast Studio G15

  ergo Bridgehead Business Park Meadow Road, Hessle, HU13 OGD

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Mindmap Productions are highly creative professionals in commercial film and video production

 based in ergo Bridgehead Business Park Meadow Road, Hessle, HU13 OGD  tel 07958657232