Mindmap productions 

making the best, creative, commercial films, possible...for events

Working  together with Marketing Humber to create an immersive audio visual experience for the breakfast launch of Humber Business Week at the KCOM Stadium

Now is our time

creating a brand and  social media advert for the launch

Good morning Business Week

activity from the day, social media advert 

30 regional business leaders  talk to us about their the past, their present and their future

Good morning Bondholders

The turning tide

where we were

 Perfect storm

where we are

Dare to dream

where we're going


how we got there

Mindmap Productions is a collaboration of creative professionals who specialise in different disciplines of film production,branding and marketing communications.

From this resource each team is built specifically to fulfill individual contracts. Based in Kardomah94, Kingston upon Hull city center HU1 2AN